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Asian Catholics

The Office of Asian Ministry provides a channel for systematic communication, collaboration and coalition among the many different Asian communities and their organizations within the Diocese. We provide continued evangelization of Asian Catholics. In collaboration with the other ministries of the Diocese we provide ongoing training and education for lay leadership. The Office of Asian Ministry and the Diocese of Richmond provides the opportunity to listen to and respond to the strengths, challenges and needs of these diverse communities.  

This Being Asian is best discovered and affirmed not in confrontation and opposition, but in the spirit of complementarity and harmony. In this framework of complementarity and harmony, the Church can communicate the Gospel in a way that is faithful both to her own tradition and to the Asian soul. 
The Church of Asia (Ecclesia in Asia), no.6



Filipino Commission Youth Retreat




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The Filipino Commission held its first Filipino Youth Retreat July 26-27, 2013 at Shalom House in Montpelier. Fr. Sal Anuenvo was the retreat leader. The theme of the retreat was “Keeping the Faith Alive”. The participants came together during this experience in prayer, mediation and reconciliation. During the small group sessions they had an opportunity to get to know each other more and work together as a team. The result was support and encouragement for each other. Our next youth retreat for grades 9-12 will be July 25-27, 2014 at Shalom House.

Simbang Gabi Schedule   


Upcoming Event!  Join St. Luke Catholic Church as they celebrate the Feast of St. Luke, Sunday, October 20, 2013, 10:00am, followed by a reception at San Lorenzo Spiritual Center. For more information please contact St. Luke parish office at (757) 427-5776. 

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Filipino Commission

Mission Statement: “We, the Filipino Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, are here to assist the Bishop and the Diocesan Church in welcoming, empowering and affirming the faith of and reaching out to the Filipino Community. We seek to raise the consciousness of the Diocesan Church to the needs of the Filipino community and to the richness of the Filipino culture and religious traditions. The Filipino Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond with its God-given gifts will support the Catholic Church in becoming more inclusive of all cultures in its journey towards “Harmony in Faith. ””

Filipino Commission Photos

The Filipino Commission meets quarterly and the commission members are listed below. 

Name   Parish
Melchor Lazo, Chair   Holy Spirit, Virginia Beach
Rey Bonjoc, Vice-Chair   Church of the Redeemer, Mechanicsville
Flora Cantor, Secretary   St. Andrew, Roanoke
Purita Agbuya   Church of the Ascension, Virginia Beach
Virgie Baluyot   St. Anthony, Norton
Marissa Clemente   St. Pius X, Virginia Beach
Dario Macatangay   Our Lady of Lourdes, Richmond
Myrna Nario   St Luke, Virginia Beach
Delfin Raymundo   Church of Epiphany, Chesterfield
Jane Soriano   St. Gregory the Great, Virginia Beach
Astrophel Tejada   St Matthew, Virginia Beach
Amy Hill Church   Resurrection, Portsmouth