2015 Annual Diocesan Appeal

Welcome to the 2015 Annual Diocesan Appeal – Our Faith Alive in Love. This year’s theme is inspired by Pope Francis – 

“Christian faith is thus faith in perfect love, in its decisive power, in its ability to transform the world.”    ~ Pope Francis, Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei, n. 15.

Every day our parishes and the Diocese are actively engaging people from all walks of life through a variety of ministries and programs.  Each ministry and program offers a special opportunity to our Catholic family. 

All of these opportunities work together to ensure that we are assisting our parishes, supporting our clergy and growing our faith communities.  Your support of the 2015 Appeal is critical to ensuring that these ministries and programs can continue to serve those in need.



Overall Target: $2,566,000


Assisting Our Parishes ($960,700)

Parish Sharing ($513,200) ~ Support the needs of our parishes by sending back a sizable portion of the dollars collected from the Appeal effort.

Fuel and Hunger Fund ($250,000) ~ Provide groceries as well as heating, rent and shelter assistance to children, families in need and the elderly in the Diocese.

Developing Lay Leadership ($147,500) ~ Develop lay catechetical leaders by building theological understanding, shaping pastoral skills and strengthening Catholic identity.

Home Mission Grants ($50,000) ~ Provide assistance to our mission parishes such as funds for capital improvements, outreach ministries and operational costs.

Supporting Our Clergy ($836,000)

Seminarian Education ($300,000) ~ Fund the cost of room, board, tuition and health insurance for our seminarians.

Retired Priests ($250,000) ~ Supplement health insurance and pension for our priests who have given their lives in service to the Church.

International Priests ($200,000) ~ Provide food and housing allowances as well as enculturation courses for our new international priests.

Clergy Formation and Advanced Study ($86,000) ~ Support continuing formation of
our clergy and advanced degrees in Canon Law and Theology.


Growing Our Faith Communities ($569,300)

Campus Ministries ($170,000) ~Expand opportunities and events for college students in order to deepen their commitment to the Catholic Church.

Hispanic Ministry ($110,000) ~ Empower our Hispanic population to become leaders in their faith communities.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries ($100,000) ~ Provide formation opportunities for youth and young adults aimed at community building, prayer, worship, service and education.

New Evangelization ($72,500) ~ Build the infrastructure needed to welcome home fallen away Catholics and those who are new to the Faith.

Segura Educational Initiative for Children ($52,800) ~ Offer stipends to bi-lingual Latino advocates who serve children in Catholic Schools.

Marriage, Family and Life ($25,000) ~ Strengthen and enrich Catholic and interfaith marriages, family life situations and issues pertaining to the dignity of human life.

Black Catholics and African Ministry ($15,000) ~ Enhance the contributions to our Church from persons of African descent and make the Church more relevant to today’s young Black Catholic population.

Persons with Disabilities ($15,000) ~ Support parents who are facing the reality of a baby diagnosed with an adverse prenatal diagnosis.

Asian Ministry ($9,000) ~ Offer special formation opportunities to our Filipino population.

Administrative Expenses ($200,000) — Enable the Appeal to be conducted in a cost-efficient yet effective manner. Necessary costs include postage, printing, marketing, salaries and banking fees.